How to Give an Amazing Groom Speech

On the big day, the groom really only has two jobs; Get married and give a speech. We can’t do the first one for you, but here’s how to nail the second!

Planning your groom speech can be a daunting task. It’s a moment in which you feel like you want to convey so many things all at the same time, while still entertaining your guests. You want to be humble and grateful, as well as proud and excited – and all delivered in a concise, humorous manner that any stand up comedian would be proud of. It’s a tough ask, especially if you’re nervous about speaking in front of a group. But if you get it right, there’s no better way to show your nearest and dearest how much you care about them.

The groom speech should be brief, well-thought-out and performed (if possible) sober. Follow our simple tips to make your speech will be one to be remembered for all the right reasons…

Focus on the Big Picture First

Traditionally the bride doesn’t give a speech, but this is 2021 and if she wants to deliver some special words, then work out with her who goes first, and who she is going to thank. Or maybe you want to deliver it together? However you plan your groom speech, make sure it’s coordinated with your bride, as there’s no point in thanking everyone twice just because you didn’t have a powwow beforehand.

One of the main reasons you’re giving this speech is to say thanks, so it needs to play a heavy role in your performance. Use the people you need to thank as your guide, and write the speech around them. Doing it this way will also help you avoid simply reeling off a list of names at the end of your speech, and then just saying “thanks guys…”. Make it more personal and flesh out why you are showing gratitude to them individually.

Thank Your Amazing New Wife

Acknowledging your now wife, is usually the heady climax of any good groom speech. It’s the second reason why you are giving a toast on your wedding day and possibly the most important – so make it heartfelt and mean every word. No borrowed lines from romcom’s or copy and paste jobs from The Plunge, simply share your story. Be it cute and playful, or funny and a bit embarrassing, this is your groom speech, so write it and deliver it how you please.

If you’re a naturally funny guy, then do your thing. If you’re not, then please don’t force it – otherwise the only thing you’ll remember from your wedding day will be how many lead balloons you dropped during your speech. If you are going for amusing, remember a wedding is usually a very mixed crowd. Your new mother-in-law may not appreciate the same language your groomsmen do for example. So keep it clean-ish.

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix It Up

Much like our custom wedding suits, we believe you should mix up your groom speech if you feel like it. Simply too terrified to speak in front of the whole wedding party? Do it at the rehearsal dinner instead or simply hand out cards to your loved ones and speak to them individually. This is your special day, so deliver (or don’t deliver) your speech in whichever way makes you happy.

Practice, Prepare & Don’t Get Drunk

Almost the three P’s of speech writing, these points are very important. Once you’ve finished your final draft, practice delivering it in front of the mirror. Then once you’re ready, read it to a friend and listen to their honest feedback.

Bring a hard copy of your speech to the venue, even if you’ve been treading the boards since high school, it’s not a good idea to rely on your memory alone when delivering your speech. Bring some back up, just in case the emotions get to you. Equally, don’t rely on your phone either, if that dies, you’re screwed!

Finally, yeah, don’t get drunk. After the speech, sure, of course! But nobody (least of all your parents) wants to see a sweaty, sweary rant from a drunken groom who not only cannot read the room, but now no longer knows what room he’s in. A quick confidence booster jagermeister is as much as you should consume before your special moment.

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