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Welcome To Freeborn Designs

Freeborn designs is a line of very unique  tailored suits, blazers, vests, and scarves that will change the way people view modern mens fashion.    Inspired by world travel, and a life long affection for unique clothing, designer James Freeborn launched his fashion line Freeborn in the summer of 2016.  Freeborn's main concept is to revolutionize men's fashion by breaking the mold of the common black, grey, or navy blue business suits and wedding outfits that society has made standard over the last 75 years. Our jackets and vests are all handmade in Faridabad, India by a family of 5th generation tailors. Our Brocade fabric is woven on antique looms in the fascinating town of Varanasi, India by a process that is over 300 years old. 

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