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  • Unique Suits for the Modern Groom

    Don't settle for ordinary, create your dream look with Freeborn weddings.

  • Crafted for the Big Day, Wear it Forever

    We design our suits to be investments, outfits you can love time and again.

  • Custom Wedding Suits for Grooms with Personality

    We don't do bland, we design suits that say something about their grooms.

  • Your Wedding Suit, Endless Possibilities

    With hundreds of customization options available, your unique look is waiting to be created.

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We are an online store, with an offline approach to customer service. The pursuit of the perfect groom suit can be challenging, and you may have lots of questions along the way, but rest assured we will always be available to distinguish your fears. The added benefit of being an online store for groom attire is that our costs are lower, meaning you receive a custom wedding suit at a fraction of the price.

With hundreds of different customization options it's time to start creating your dream big day look.